Stateroom question - so confused

hi all,
I am doing some research into doing the Disney dream 3 night Bahamas’s cruise.

I’m on their site now and getting very confused with the different staterooms.
Ideally I would like a room with a private verandah. After this i’m pretty lost.
Here are my options.
lowest price is category 5E with an oversized private verandah , some with white wall. what does this mean in comparison to the other room with just private verandah. I’ve noticed that this category is on multiple decks (6,7,8,9,10) is it the luck of the draw as to which deck you get.

Speaking of decks are there good locations and not good locations. Having never done a cruise i cant understand how there may be a bad location. If i’m wrong please explain.

The next options are
5D - deck 6
5C - deck 7
5B - deck 8
5A - deck 9, 10

If i have a verandah does it really matter what deck i’m on.

Any help would be much appreciated.

So i’ve managed to get a deck plan and have looked up all the rooms. I quite like the look of the lowest price 5E.
There located at the end of the ship, not the side. anyone have any experience with this category.

I have been on a boatload of cruises but none Disney but hear is what I know-
On cruises, you can select your own cabin. There is some criteria based on cabin size and party size.
The lower decks are considered less desirable thus are priced different.
The rear of the ship is subject to vibration and noise from the engine.
The front of the ship also has noise from thrusters, anchor.
Both front and rear are subject to more movement.
Some verandah have obstructed views due to lifeboats.
So while cabins may be sized the same with the same amenities, deck and location will change the code and the price.

There are some cabins aft ( rear) that have oversized , wraparound balconies that are highly desirable by cruisers and sell out fast.
Verandah/balcony cabins close to the bridge have their outside lights shut off by the bridge for navigation purposes- they need it dark up front.
There are some cabin locations close to the night activities so might be noisier.
So all these little things make a difference but to a first timers, these differences don’t amount to beans except for the noise.
I would aim for center of the ship with an unobstructed view balcony.