State of Epcot

Three days, me a veteran my traveling partner a first timer adult. No AK on this trip.

Arrival day

  • Monorail crawl for cocktails and bites to eat
  • Hopefully one of the cocktails will be at CG so we can go back up for fireworks

Day 1 in the park… considering starting with Epcot just because it works a little better. That puts DHS day 2 and MK on day 3.

With the state of Epcot, do you all think it will be a bit of a let down for a start? MK has to stay on the last day. So, the alternative is introducing her to Disney with a super early wake up call for the nightmare that is DHS.

Hang in WS and you’ll be fine.

FW is downright depressing at this point.


Which is, to be fair, kind of what I do anyway. So I’m think Soarin, LWTL, TT, SE (if still open - fingers crossed)… maybe the new amazing planet film and then over to WS.

Thinking this might be better anyway because sandwich-ing EP between DHS and MK might make it even more sad.

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If you are still able to go around back of where Innoventions was - that little pathway that goes from the Imagination Pavilion to WS you can definitely hit up those things and avoid the depression pit

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Have you been to see the Epcot exhibit? The one that shows what’s coming?

I’d start with Epcot b/c that way you build up to the better parks of the moment. I agree that future world was depressing (over Thanksgiving when I went). Also difficult to figure out how to get from point A to B and we’d been twice before. But WS was the same as ever.

I did. I was incredibly underwhelmed. Wasn’t worth the trek for me.

There’s a path that goes to WS there?? Where? near figment area?

Yes. It goes around the backside. Let me see if I can find a map to show you


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Wow completely missed that last time! Will be using it next trip. Thank you!

I have always used the other side just because of how I typically go through FW. Is this path basically the flip side of the cut through from TT to Mexico?

I have never done that from TT to Mexico by my guess would be yes because symmetry

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I really haven’t spent time or wandered around in Future World in Epcot since the early 90’s i think, so it being WallCot right now had little impact on me the last two days. Test Track being down made one less ride to go on but that’s always been the risk for this time of year anyway. World Showcase has pretty much been my thing for a long time.SO basically I still spent two whole days at Epcot which is my norm. Off to MK in the am and HS in the pm today :slight_smile: