Starwars - HS-


We are not a family who knows much about Starwars. Do you recommend discovering SW attractions or it is not worth the time as the waits are too long - (having trouble putting a question mark), thank you!

It’s not that crowded. It’s worth a quick walk through at least just to see the theming. And we found Oga’s Cantina to be one of the most delightful parts of our trip. I only booked it for my friend but it was very fun for the kids (and adults!) to have the fun drinks and enjoy the robot DJ.

It’s absolutely worth checking out! The wait for Millennium Falcon is manageable right now with no Fastpass. If needed you could use single rider. I’m a Star Wars fan and so I think the whole land is incredible, but to a non fan it is at least impressive.

When Rise of the Resistance opens (which looks like one of the greatest rides ever built), it is expected to have a very long line, but you should still plan to browse the shops, go to the Cantina, and ride MF if you don’t want to wait.


Agree with both of the above. It is important to note when you’ll be going. If it’s this week, with the opening of the new ride, then maybe you skip it. However, if it’s next summer / fall after it’s all be open for a while you should at least stroll through the area.


Based on the photos that @Randall1028 has posted in his on-going trip report, I think GE looks most impressive at night. Of course, I haven’t been yet…but while to me the day-time photos look a bit ho-hum to me as a Star Wars fan, the nighttime photos look downright amazing.


I like GE day and night but I am making it a point on my upcoming trip to be there at night.


I was just there before Thanksgiving. The theme-ing is incredible if you are a star wars fan. If you are not a star wars fan, then it’s worth a quick walk through for sure, but you probably won’t spend much time there.

I haven’t been and am not a fan but I would at least walk through. I probably wouldn’t waste time riding anything at this stage.

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We were there for EEMH. The pre-dawn sunrise made it quite stunning! The blue spires were gorgeous!

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I realized that I should add to my previous comment: it’s not that crowded—but, I visited before ROTR opened.

Can you just walk through without waiting in a line to enter the area?
Is it possible to walk in look around and buy one of those cool looking coke bottles?
Thank you

There were boarding groups to enter the land on opening day in August but since then you have just been able to walk in. It’s possible that they will restrict access again at really busy times.