Starwars changes everything

We were at WDW last week we found that going to Starwars in evening was very uncrowned.
Wait time for the ride Wednesday at 9am was 20 minutes.
The droid and saber areas you could walk in and just enjoy the atmosphere. We ate at launch bay for dinner and the place was nearly empty but the the food was very good.
Cantina was a disappointment as it was not like the movie.
Got impression people swamp the place in the morning and it dies off in the evening.
It really is a well done experience.
My wife was almost arrested by storm troopers. Glad I got her back.

Suspect people are waiting for second ride to open.

Also Epcot was busy due to Food Festival but we had no problem getting into the Japanese restaurant as most people seemed to be going to the food festival booths.
Best experience of whole trip was getting the After hours ticket at MK.
We did 9 rides in 95 minutes because there were no lines.
And they let you in at 7pm even though pass starts at 9pm for three hours.
Check it out .
Life is too short to stand in lines.2@


Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the report!


Thanks for the report!

Going in 25 days and I am sure my family will be happy if they can experience it.

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Thanks for reporting on SWGE! Welcome to posting.
Glad the Storm Troopers saw fit to pass on arresting DW.

The entire land isn’t really based on any of the movies…just based on the “Star Wars universe”. It is a major complaint fans are having…that they didn’t build something we recognize from the movies, but went in a different direction.

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