Starting TP from scratch for AK! Help?

So all these months I assumed 9 year old would not want to ride FoP. Wrong!!! So now my TP is down the drain. We have Tusker House ADR at 8:00. AK opens at 9:00 the day we go. Should we hustle to NRJ right after Tusker House on the assumption we can get FPP for FOP from 9:40-10:40? The TP I made with that still shows the wait for FOP at 45 minutes as well as the wait for NRJ beginning at 9:07 at 45 minutes. Had hoped to do KJS earlier in the morning but probably will be closer to noon. Also, is FPP for KRR necessary? Or would it be better to use the 3rd FPP for Meeting MIckey and Minnie at Adventures Outpost? Hope some of this makes sense! We are going the 3rd week of June…

Is your AK-day at the beginning of your trip or near the end ?
This should determine if you’ll be able to score a FP+ for FOP early in the morning.

Is it possible to re-schedule your ADR to Tusker House from 8:00 to 10:00 ?
Na’Vi river is easliy done at RD (normally opens before 9:00). We rode it twice with no wait from 8:45 to 9:05.
If you can’t arrive before 9:15, I think you’ll end up waiting 30mins+.

I’ll suggest something like:
08:45 - 09:10: Na’vi RIver (maybe twice and/or explore Pandora while nobody is hanging around)
09:15 - 09:50: Kilimanjaro Safaris (using FP+)
10:00 - 11:15: ADR to Tusker House

Just to add to @OncleBoum 'a post.

Because of the long lines building outside the park, they start letting guests in early, and lead them to Pandora.

So that 8am Tusker House will put you at the back of a long line, even if you’re out and theoretically “at Pandora” before 9am. Even for NRJ.

Ugh - can’t figure this one out! Our Tusker House ADR is also for preferred seating for ROL, so I don;t know how easily I can change that reservation. I’m okay with waiting 30 minutes for NRJ if we have a FP for FOP. Does the queue for NRJ move along fairly quickly? Also, in all the videos I’ve seen of FOP, I don’t see many kids riding it. 9 year old wants to ride it, but I still have doubts he will not get scared - he’s not a fan of “thrill” rides even though I know technically FOP isn’t one really.

Also, is a FPP for Kali River Rapids necessary?

I would say yes to FP for KRR if at all possible.

My nine year-old loved FOP, but she also likes RNR, SM, etc. Our seven year-old hated it. If your son is the type to get scared, FOP will probably scare him. It is very intense.

We knew going in that our 7YO was not going to like it, but she really wanted to try. We prepped her for what to do if she hated it. As soon as it started she took the glasses off, closed her eyes, and leaned back. At that point it becomes sort of a gentle mechanical bull ride, which she was able to “ride out” as it were. I’m looking forward to riding it again when I can appreciate it more - we were a little distracted watching our little one “deal” and making sure she was okay. She was a trooper, but I missed out on some of the immersion.

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Thanks - that helps out a lot. He saw a youtube video of the ride, and I tried to explain how intense it would be, but he wants to try it. I don;t know yet if we will be able to get a FP for it anyway, but it will be day 6 of our trip so it’s always possible. I have 2 weeks to go before our FP window opens up, so I have a little time to keep tweaking.

On day 6 you really should be able to pick your time, honestly! :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try calling about the ROL dining package, see if anything is available. But otherwise, given that you’ll be able to get FoP for whatever time you want it, and you’re OK waiting a bit for NRJ, then I think your plan is fine as it is.

I echo what others have said, but I’d still try to change your ROL package, just keep checking, people make duplicate ADR’s and drop them after they have get their FP’s

My 7 yo rode FOP and liked (almost t loved!) it and she did not like other intense rides like Tower of Terror, SM, or even 7D. So you never know! Good luck getting FP. We had no problem booking our FOP FP at the 60d window for day 4 of our trip so you hopefully it works out for you.

I don’t want to have to worry about rushing though our Tusker house breakfast. I suppose if we can get the FOP FP then we’ll look forward to that and if we can squeeze in NRJ before FOP then great but if not then I’ll just be happy with FOP.

You are able to change ROL dining pkg reservations without too much pain.
Check availability on the Disney web site and if you see a time that you like more than the one you have, you have to call the reservation hotline and a cast member will change your reservation.
You can’t change a dining pkg reservation on the MDE app like a normal ADR to my knowledge.

My ds8 LOVED FoP. He has ridden SM and EE once each but never again since the first time. I think kids do better with simulators than adults.

I would think get the FP for characters and try for KRR as a 4th. Or ride at night after ROL.

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