Starting to have second thoughts about HS

As the day approaches for my trip with DH and DD (5), (24 days!), I am second guessing all of my decisions.

The biggest is this: We are not going to HS at all on our 6-night trip.

We have two and a half days at MK, 2 days at EPCOT, and 1 1/2 days at AK. We are not big Star Wars fans, and DD isn’t tall enough for Aerosmith and is not into falling rides like ToT. Should we still go for the experience, or does my plan to skip it seem like a good one?

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I think it depends on whether or not you all would enjoy the shows. Is it your first trip to WDW? I would not personally skip it (would do a half day), because I love ToT, Star Tours and TSMM although I’m not into the shows. But I could see for a child doing a half day to see the shows.

We adore HS. Would she enjoy Frozen, Muppets, Little Mermaid, Dis Jr show? What about TSMM?


My $0.02… there is a very real chance that your daughter will be bored to death with two days at Epcot. For our kids (aged 10 and 7 on our trip), Hollywood Studios was their second favorite park behind the Magic Kingdom. We abandoned our Epcot plan mid afternoon, went back to the room for pool time and dinner, and then used our park hopper to go to the Magic Kingdom. Our kids didn’t really like Animal Kingdom either, other than the shows…but we have a really awesome zoo at home, so most of those animal related exhibits rated a big “meh”. So you may have a completely different experience.

My suggestion is to try to make sure you get as much of your top Epcot highlights into the first day, and then use that to gauge your plan for the 2nd day. Since you have a park hopper, you might consider hopping over to HS as your backup plan. Lots of shows and experiences to enjoy at HS, even if the actual number of rides is pretty low.

And, of course, your initial feelings might be absolutely correct and your family will love two days at Epcot. There is no right way to do Disney for everyone.


My DD was 5.5 on our trip. She really enjoyed Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Disney Junior, TSMM, surprisingly Indiana Jones and the March of the First Order. We took the boat for lunch at Beaches and Cream and she enjoyed the boat ride, restaurant and exploring the resort. I’m certain she also would have loved Frozen Sing Along and BATB but it didn’t work into the short day we had.

Thanks for your input everyone. I am still on the fence. So hard to choose!

You could RD TSM and then pick a few favorites on a EMH morning before hopping to another park. We’re doing that one day.

I actually don’t have parkhopper, I am doing MVMCP which gives me an opportunity to do two parks. Maybe I will cut an EPCOT day? I’m torn. I have a reservation for Hollywood and Vine and Fantasmic as a backup plan on an EPCOT day.

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I personally think Epcot for 2 days is a lot for a 5 year old. I personally didn’t start liking Epcot till I was a teenager and now love it as an adult who can drink. HS is my favorite park!! Always has been and always will b I think haha! I love the shows and rides!


Without a park hopper, I think I’d drop an EPCOT day and do HS instead. For a 5 year old, there’s plenty of interest at HS and there’s not so much walking.


I just changed all of my FPP plans and adjusted it to Hollywood Studios. I think it’s a solid plan.


So here is the thing - especially with kids. Plan but be flexible. We make plans and then we change them once there. Sure we may not get something that we wanted - but it is all in being flexible. I think at least 1/2 in HS is probably good.

I do have to disagree with the blanket statement regarding EPCOT and kids being bored there. My kids have ALWAYS loved EPCOT. I think we rode Spaceship Earth 7 times in a row once.

Also if you LOVE MK - and after 2 days want to do a 3rd - do it. We usually hit each park first and then go back and hit the ones we want again. Last trip we split up. Wife and Daughter went to AK, son and I went to EPCOT. It was awesome. We each got a little ONE ON ONE time. So just be flexible.

I think you’ve done the right thing by changing

You get to experience it all now

When we went for our honeymoon we basically threw our itinerary in the garbage by the third day. I’m a little more planned this time but not much more. I don’t like being tied down. That said, I don’t have Park Hoppers so I have to select a park and stay there; hopefully HS will be a good move!!

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We did everything we wanted (kids 8 and 14) at HS by 12:30 with 8-9 am EMH. Could park hop after that. My kids love Epcot. They enjoy the bears at the countries–even the 14 year old-- and like getting the stamps or a phrase or their name written in the language of the country. We also like the outdoor entertainment at Epcot.

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Well said! I completely agree with you! I think two Epcot days for a 5yo is not going to be a pleasant experience. HS is our second favorite park also (only to MK)! So many things that I think would be fun for a 5yo! You have to choose what suits you family though! Don’t overthink it! Enjoy your vacation!

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DD 4.5 loved HS. There was the toy story rides, plenty of Dis. Junior stuff to meet and look at, she loved the muppets stuff and even liked the hollywood movies ride (Just watch out for the aliens bit, we covered her eyes for that one)

The frozen sing along and meeting Olaf were highlights.

Granted my daughter loves starwars too and was all excited about fighting Vader however her highlights of the day were not really anything to do with starwars.

I think if you had a park hopper option you could do a half day there and be happy with doing the Dis. Junior stuff.

I agree with Tigger613, not all kids are bored at Epcot. Our DD is 3.5 and absolutely loves it! If we’d let her decide we would have been on Soarin’ and Frozen Ever After pretty much every day last trip (only the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is better apparently). She also really loves the entertainment and the character meets at the World Showcase, and last time she enjoyed snacking around the World Showcase for the Flower and Garden Festival. We did four days at Epcot last trip (April) and will be doing five this trip (in a couple of weeks). She’s looking forwards to the rides as well as the Food & Wine Festival and the Ratatouille Hide & Squeak scavenger hunt. :slight_smile:

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