Starting July 16th WDW increasing the number of available AP park reservations

WDW is starting to email AP holders that they are increasing the number of park reservations

NEW: Starting July 16, Disney will increase the number of park reservations available to APs.

This will include additional dates in July and August at MK, Epcot and AK.

Disney says this will NOT reflect an increase in capacity at parks.

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Note: Hollywood Studios is not included in this news.

It’s understandable that more APs want to visit now. WDW has the space even with less capacity. IMHO - WDW wants all the good press they can get showing very low crowds. It looks “safer” & creates a demand for possible resort guests. Once TV cameras go away in a couple days / week they’ll open the gates to as many APs as they can get.

I have a hard time understanding the message. So as a AP i can now book more then 3 days at a time in July and August?

I was confused by this email also. If I currently have a park reservation for each day of my stay, are they saying I can now have multiple park reservations on the same day (i.e. park hop)? Or are they saying that I can book more days in addition to my length of stay?

I think they’re just saying they’re shifting capacity from ticket holders to APs. Still 3 day limit, but more days will be available for those who haven’t met their 3 day limit (or who have used one of their days).