Start at EP, hop to HS, back to EP?

going to EP on a sunday during food and wine. We are wanting to start at EP so 4yr old can meet Elsa/Anna first thing. hubby wants to hop to HS to do some star wars stuff. We have late afternoon 2:30 lunch reservations at Akerhus (trying to change to dinner if opens up) and we want to do illuminations. Is it worth it to hop to HS and back to EP later? I feel like we’ll waste a lot of time riding back and forth.

That does seem like a lot of wasted time. It’s about 25 minutes between them whether you walk or get the boat, but you’ll have bag check 3 times in the day.

That’s a lot of time used just going between parks. I would personally just start at HS and move on to EP once you’re done. Waits for Anna and Elsa are typically shorter in the late afternoon or early evening than early morning anyway, since many people who didn’t get FPs for Frozen choose to rope drop it instead.

I think nothing of hopping between EP and HS but I agree that you will spend less time in line later in the day for Ana and Elsa than your travel time. Go to HS first and then EP!

thanks for the feedback! we decided to do whole day at EP and then next day HS and hop to MK. it’ll all work out !! thanks everyone!