Starlight Safari returning 4/22

Think think think think think…


Booked. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I was looking for something extra special to do for DD as it’s her senior year grad trip and this fits the bill.


Do you mind sharing the cost? It was on my radar too, but I’ve had some poor evening safaris and wasn’t sure if it would be worth it.

$89/pp but I think I overpaid because it has the kids marked as 21+. I’m at hockey practice so I’ll check once home. It might be less for the kids. I other way we are at Kidani so it’s perfect as a way to cap off a night. 8:30pm or 10pm is what they show for times but on my date only 10pm was available

I guess I’m basing my expectations on WAT


Updating: reviewed the site while waiting for the kid to change and there is no mention of different pricing for 21+ so I think it’s just Disney glitch.

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This sounds so awesome!!!

When is your trip?

End of April, right after it starts back up

I suppose this will book fast.

What’s the cancellation?

Starlight Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge | Enchanting Extras Collection | Walt Disney World Resort (

Is there an AP or DVC discount? @OBNurseNH

2 days in advance, which is why I snagged it while I could and i figure I can cancel if I change my mind

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Did not seem to be any discount available, certainly not online and whatever small discount there might be is not worth spending hours on hold to get IMO


Hmmm I’m debating booking and waiting for your review to decide if I should keep it.

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I would do that. It’s a small truck of ? 6 guests if I read that right so I do think it will book up fast. Not sure if the 8:30 was not being done that day or if it was already sold out.

Edited: not sure where I got the 6 guests thing from as I don’t see it now. I was looking at dates yesterday for my actual safari in Africa and I might have mixed that up LOL

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It looks like they have two times per night; 8 & 10 pm. NO park res required.

Right, but on my night the 8:30 option was not available. So it’s not clear if that was sold out or just not running that day at that time (which happens for various reasons with all tours)

Also no park res needed because it happens at Kidani

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My dates (the ones that make sense for us in our week) are now sold out, and there are only 3 nights from 4/23-4/30 that have any availability left at all, and thats just for the 10pm

Oh… I just read that. I wonder how much ambient light there will be… off the resort

Ugh. Looks like another night we’ll leave DD7 hanging out at the Victoria Falls Lounge while we do a tour for Ages 8+