Starbucks Question

Quick question that hopefully another Starbucks junkie can answer…we are going to WDW shortly and I plan to get my coffee fix at the Starbucks in the parks…can you order ahead from the Starbucks app or do I have to do Disney mobile order?

So weird that I don’t know the answer to this.

I don’t think there IS mobile order?

For each of my visits I entered the queue.

After posting I tried searching in the Starbucks app and Main Street Bakery and Trolley car locations both say “Order Ahead Not Available”…so that’s out…so I guess if no Disney mobile either, then I too will just wait in line…bummer. Thanks for reply though!

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Yeah I am pretty sure the starbucks locations are walkup only.

have fun!


They aren’t considered ‘real’ Starbucks locations. They are franchises that sell Starbucks products (or something along those lines). That’s why you can’t redeem stars at park locations or use Starbucks mobile order either. Same is true at Target.

But! You can use your app, you can earn stars, and you can use gift cards


As far as I know, there is no mobile order for Starbucks in the parks. Which is really strange, because that is something that I mobile order on a regular basis “in real life” but then one of the only places that I can’t at Disney? Go figure :rofl: I love Starbucks, but with the long lines I like Joffrey’s just as much. I’ve also heard that you can mobile order a cold brew or a coffee from Pinnochio’s Village Haus, and I think that also might be Joffrey’s (I am not sure.)

DH does NOT like Joffrey’s just as much, so keep in mind that this is an extremely personal recommendation :crazy_face: DH literally rope dropped Star Bucks at DHS in December. He had my cinnamon dolce latte ready to hand off as I was walking off MFSR with the kids

I did not know you could earn stars, I assumed since you can’t use them… GREAT to know!


Thanks for the tip about Pinnochio’s…I don’t think Joffrey’s is “just as good” but I can get by. I agree though - Starbucks is the one place that I always do the pickup and it’s odd that it’s not a choice at Disney. Although I understand what ScottFL said above about not being “real” Starbucks.

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