Starbucks January Refill Tumbler

Does anyone know if you can use the Starbucks January Refill Tumbler INSIDE the parks? I’m thinking no, but wanted to see if anyone tried it.

I emailed Starbucks and their answer was pretty unhelpful. “Disney Park locations are licensed locations. Please know that some locations (including hotel, grocery, and casinos) are not controlled by Starbucks directly and so may not have the ability to process Rewards and promotional events including the January Refill Tumbler. This will be at the discretion of the stores management team and it is recommended that you contact the manager directly.”

I don’t want to lug them around for no reason.

I Know there is a Starbucks in Epcot and as far as I know they honor that type of thing. I know you can use a snack from Disney Dinning plan to get any drink you want. I believe the rewards question came up a while ago and my understanding is they except them there. I believe they are also location at AK too.

Hey there, I was just there in December and both Epcot & AK do not accept rewards as payment but I was told at both locations I would earn rewards for my purchases. The employees told me they are not like the DS Starbucks but under the Disney umbrella (kind if like the Target & Kroger Starbucks locations used to be) so don’t handle rewards the same. Unfortunately, I am unsure about the January tumbler. I hope it works for you in the parks I just wouldn’t count on it.

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This is helpful, thanks! I assumed they won’t accept it, but wanted to double-check.

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