Star Wars Weekend

Does anyone have an extra Star Wars Dine In Galactic Breakfast at Sci Fi and Dine at Hollywood Studios anytime between June 10 and 13? I really want to be able to take my whole family! Thank you in advance!

Also, does anyone have a review for me of the breakfast?

I had the breakfast on 5/16. You get a picture with Boba Fett and Darth Vader together before entering the restaurant. They replaced the sci-fi clips with Star Wars clips and trailers for the new movie. Greedo, Jawas, and Storm Troopers go around for pictures and the Jawas will trade with you if you have something small.

You can start out with assorted pastries and fruit or a yogurt parfait. I had the Dune Sea which was delicious! It was a puff pastry with crab and asparagus in it. I’ve been told by several people that you can order additional dishes if you’d like but I was too full to try this. I’ve done this two years now and plan on doing it again next year. It is expensive but I love Star Wars and (as of now anyway) it can only be done during a few weeks in May and June.

@daisykingdom91- What kind of thing would the Jaws trade with you… Like pins or what?

You can give them pretty much anything that isn’t food or of much value. Plastic bracelets, pens, etc. it goes in the bag and might be traded for something from the next guest.

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Also, does anyone have a review for me of the breakfast?[/quote]

I went last year and wrote a review. From what I hear things are very similar this year, so I think it’s still relevant:

I’m glad I tried it last year, but opted not to return during this year’s SWW, mostly because the cost wasn’t worthwhile for a breakfast (at least, for me) and the character interactions were limited. After the photo op on the way in, you see Jawas, stormtroopers, and Greedo, all of whom wander elsewhere in the park during SWWs.

We traded doubloons, plastic gems and small pieces of costume jewelry. He refused a C3P0 sticker and small pencil top eraser head (looked kind of like the busts at HM) we got a sharpie, hot wheel and foam Captain America sticker. DS7 didn’t quite get the idea of negotiating but if you haggle with them I bet it would be even more fun.

It’s dark. As a mom with two little I do not dig the dark eateries. Food was ok, not sure I’d pay oop for it though, we used DDP. I didn’t like that Boba and Darth don’t autograph, for what it costs…come on, they could have take a couple of extra seconds to sign something.