Star Wars - The Void at Disney Springs

We are heading to Disney in December and have quite a few Star Wars fans in our group. Has anyone done The void at DS and if so, any thoughts? Is it worth it? How far in advance did you buy tickets (it looks like they only sell them about a month and half in advance).


My DS11 and I did The Void in April. Actually we did it twice because he loved it so much. He’s a huge SW fan. I have to admit that I had never done any type of VR experience and I thought it was incredible. We were recently back at Disney with a group of people and 5 of them did The Void and each of them thought it was amazing. I think it is totally worth doing (at least once). We never bought tickets in advance. We just showed up. We never waited more than 30 minutes.


Do you get any sense of vertigo or anything like that? I have never done any VR and am a little nervous about it. I think most adults in our group (6) will want to try it. They do it in groups of 4, right? So, if you have 2 people, do you get paired with two strangers or do you go on your own?
Thanks so much for the info, it’s on our list to try!!

I did not have any trouble with vertigo or motion sickness (and I absolutely will never ride Mission Space again due to motion sickness). No one in the group did either. Yes, it is in groups of 4. The other 2 people might be paired with another group. I say might because the first time my son and I did it they didn’t pair us with anyone. The next time we did it (literally the next day) they asked if it was okay for 2 people to join us and we said sure. I don’t know what the difference was–neither day was very crowded.

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This looks pretty cool, and not outrageously pricey.

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Anyone have experience of doing it while wearing glasses? Do the headsets fit over?

My DS wears glasses and had no problems keeping them on with the helmet.

Thanks! I know from experience that 3D does not work for me without my glasses so I doubt VR would either

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I’ll be down on Sunday and am planning on going to The Springs. This looks so fun, but I’m traveling solo…not sure if I’ve got the nerve to play with people I don’t know!!

I read that requirement is 10 yo, but unofficially it is really just 48 inches tall. Can anyone who has done this speak to how violent/intense it is?

My kids (ages 11 and 8) are plenty tall enough. The 11 yo would love the virtual reality aspect, but can get freaked by stuff that is scary and/or too intense. The 8 yo isn’t actually old enough but she is way more fearless. As an example, older kid still gets a little freaked out by ToT theming, and younger kid has loved ToT since the age of 5.

Is this akin to lasertag combined with virtual reality, or am I not really getting the concept?

Wondering this as well

Me three. My little ones are also 11 and 8 and want to do it. We had planned on skipping if the 8yo isn’t able to though.

We did this in April with DS14 and DD11. The age/height limit is in part, due to the vest and helmet which are somewhat heavy and bulky. Your group is a team that is sent on a mission - there are enemy forces trying to stop you, they shoot at you and you them, as in laser tag. The most intense and potentially scary part for a younger child is there is a creature that comes after you at one point that you have to fight off. For us, it ended up being hilarious - we learned afterwards that during setup, the VR system “reads” the size of your team members to render properly. DS14 must have bent down at just the wrong time, as he was rendered the size of a 4-year old. We were laughing so hard we did not do well on the mission!


I know @Dreamer said no need to buy advanced tickets, is it still that way? I’ll be going in solo (no pun intended). @DisneyBergh, did you end up doing it? How was it as a solo-traveler?

I didn’t go. I chickened out! We’ll go in March when there are 4 of us!

My husband and I loved it! I can see why they have the height limit, the helmets and vests they put you in are fairly heavy (they’re carrying around the vr tech!). We’re planning on going again when we go next April and I can’t wait!

We walked up on Wednesday night and got in at 7:45 with minimal wait - buying in advance would probably have saved some time as they were not the most efficient at checking in people and giving any indication on where to go to start things. I was reluctant to buy in advance worrying we’d miss the time slot due to transportation though.

Really enjoyed the experience…

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Sounds like an experience from “Ready Player One” (the book…haven’t seen the movie).

I’m kind of on the fence about it. My kids would love it. My wife, probably not. Me? I could go either way. Fortunately, I have a couple more years to think about it!

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Thanks for the info, while this sounds amazing to me it does sound too intense for my daughter. And maybe even my son, he’s kind of a chicken, lol.

Sent an email out to the Void folks, and it looks like the age limit is a hardline. Participants must be at least 10 and 48"+.