Star Wars rides etc at HS:What r they?

I’m looking over available attractions st HS and see several different Star Wars options. I’ve heard of the Jedi training and the Star tours ride. Can anyone explain the rest?

As far as “rides” go, Star Tours is the only one. Jedi Academy is an interactive experience for the young ones. The only other “attraction” is the Launch Bay, and it could best be describes as a “museum” of artifacts and artwork. There are also 2 M&Gs there; Chewie and one of the villains (Darth Vadeo or Kylo). There’s a live stage show in front of the Chinese Theater, a Stormtrooper “parade”, and of course the PM projection and fireworks show.

There were a couple of films last year too, I don’t know if they are still there. One inside the launch bay and one at the old Sounds Dangerous building I think.

I haven’t seen recent reports, but last Nov there were Jawas in Launch Bay. They were walking around and if you brought trinkets you could trade with them. The trading is hit or miss, though, and at one point I saw comments on chat that they may be gone. So look in to that, maybe ask on chat?

I’ve read numerous reports that the Jawas are gone from Launch Bay.

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It’s such a shame, they were brilliant when we traded with them.