Star Wars Resort reservations to open this year for 2021

We will miss it for our next trip - unless it literally opens on New Year’s Day 2021. :frowning:

But still exciting news.:laughing:

No real details, but remember this isn’t a resort in the usual sense of the word. More like a cruise, with a fixed check-in and check-out date, 2 nights, immersive experience and $$$$$$$$$$.


Yeah. I’m waiting to see the price.


I think we should have a sweepstake for the price for two adults sharing a room. :wink:

There’s a new page on the WDW website with additional information, including confirmation it’s 2 nights.

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I’m really curious how much it would be for a couple. I’ve seen the estimated price per person and for 5 ppl so I’m curious what it would be for 2

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Yup, it would just be me and DH. Definitely curious about pricing. This would be an amazing experience for DH, and I think I’d really enjoy it too. Excited for future details to come!

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I wonder if it will make some people feel claustrophobic? It’s not like you can go out on an outside deck and feel the sun and breeze like on a cruise ship. I am not a claustrophobe but after awhile I might even feel like I was trapped inside a spaceship. I guess I wouldn’t have made a good astronaut. Just curious…has anyone else thought of this?

This. Only reason why I am not hugely tempted. But still curious.

Some info that came out at D23 last year (but not confirmed by Disney) was that it would be $3300 per person for 3 days/2 nights.

I thought that info was $3,300 per person for the first person and that each additional person in the same room would be less (but my memory could be wrong).

That was said to be per person for up to 2. Then additional people would be less.

The rooms / pods / whatever they are. have one bed and two sleeping pod type beds, which may only be big enough for kids.

And I think there were a few larger rooms for six people.

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So it would be $6600 for 2 but $7,200 for 5? that’s kind of weird pricing if it’s that way

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All right, you people just cannot comprehend how excited I am. Like, I’m more happy about this than I am worried about coronavirus so that’s really saying something!! :rofl:

Here’s a website I’ve been following for a while, there are recent photos. The order of the posts (if there is one) is confusing but lots of info.

S/he also says that it’s 3300 per person or 7200 for a family of five. My family is exactly that size- I’ve been wanting to do this for my son’s college graduation.

For smaller families or for singles, maybe we could create a list of interested parties on this forum somewhere. I think this would be the kind of thing that travel buddies would work out great for. When I take classes at the Yellowstone Institute, I often share a cabin with other students, it’s not as weird an idea as it might sound, there’s just limited space. So this would be like a super expensive hostel!


I don’t understand how you got that figure, what are you using for #3-6 person in that figure?

I remember from the initial rumours they were saying about $3000 for the first two people and $2000 for each additional guest for the regular rooms. That’s $10,000 for a family of 4.

A six person room similarly priced would be $14,000 for six, $12,000 for five.

initial estimated prices said $7,200 for 5 people but $3,300 per person for 1. I haven’t seen anywhere that said $3,300 for 2 people though that would be great. I read your statement wrong and thought you meant $3,300 per person for two people (therefore $6,600 total) but then it wouldn’t fit with the 5 person estimate that is reported.

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I think we have to look at this from Disney’s point of view. Once you have that cabin reserved up by just one or two people at $3300 per, it makes complete sense to have it much cheaper to bring in the whole family at $7200. It’s no different than renting a hotel room, except the upcharge per extra person (beyond the first two) here is a little more- $200 instead of about $50.

You didn’t read my statement wrong at all.

The initial pricing that was “tested” using guest surveys was $3000 per person? That is $6000 per couple. And then additional guests were $2000 each.

I calculated it as $10,000 for my family.

None of the concept art showed the rooms sleeping 5, so I don’t where either the 5 person in a room or this $7,200 comes from. Not saying it’s wrong but this is the first I’ve seen anyone claiming this, so I’m really interested to know their source.

Not sure who these people are. Not heard of them.

But I can assure you they original survey said nothing about amenities at the resort, like a pool. Lounges, dining and space for the interactive elements (the Dojo etc). And from the blueprints there is no pool.

So immediately I’m suspicious. And I see nothing about pricing in there, or about how many each room will hold. Again, the blueprints show two sizes of rooms and five people would be a tight fit. I think the fifth person would need to be an infant. I’m still left wondering where this $7,200 for five is coming from. :woman_shrugging:

Pricing is in there. As I mentioned, the organization of the website isn’t very good, so you kind of have to hunt for it, but basically goes back to the same source as @Padme501st posted.

If they can fit five into a regular deluxe resort room, which they do, I see no reason why they couldn’t in the SW resort. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Admittedly, it’s tight which is why we bought a Deluxe room at a deluxe resort last time.

Looking at the blueprints, there appear to be 3 sizes of rooms, with the first class suites being significantly larger than the other two sizes. I’m guessing this corresponds to the Deluxe room (like what we had at BWI), which does sleep 6.

I have. I am a little bit claustrophobic (hate spelunking for example, and really hate crowds). I think that the illusion of there being space outside would really help- as long as one isn’t agoraphobic, too. :rofl: There is also the issue of motion sickness. Even if you’re not really moving, they’re going too make it seem like you are, and it’s that eye/inner ear disconnect that can make one sick. I don’t think I want to be the first family “on” this flight, for sure.