Star Wars premium packages

Any experiences with the Star Wars premium packages? Is one a better value than the other? Thanks

Last year there was only one offered.

I enjoyed it! I had skipped the parade because I had seen it the year before. But the dessert party and the fireworks are amazing.

Last year, they did not include any shows. The package was really bare minimum.

I tried last year and didn’t feel I got value out of what I bought (and the price went up this year). Some things have changed this year, so it’s not a perfect comparison, but I chose not to buy the package this year.

I had two concerns with last year’s package. The first was that to get a good spot for the parade viewing I had to arrive just as early as if I were to find a spot on the street. There were some shady spots, but if you weren’t among the first people in line when the viewing area open you didn’t get one of those spots. We were in line for the viewing area before it opened and when we were let in (around 10:35) there were no spots in the “front row” available, as people had already lined up long before us. For the fireworks viewing, last year’s setup with the stage in front of the hat meant that you had to be in one place to watch the show before the fireworks and another to see the fireworks. I think that may change this year (though it’s unclear where the new stage will be), but I didn’t consider the location to be very good for the fireworks, as you had to move to the far left of the hat and only saw them on a strange angle. I would have rather watched the fireworks from farther back.

You also got snacks during the parade last year, so if Mickey bars and soda are part of your afternoon routine, then you may appreciate that. The desserts during the fireworks were good and I enjoyed the drinks, but didn’t feel that I needed either of those. Feeling like I needed to “get my money’s worth” out of food and drinks also meant arriving early for the fireworks viewing, which sort of negated the advantage of paying for a premium location, since I could have found a better viewing spot somewhere else, given the time I invested. Of course, you go get more elbow room with the premium packages, so if that’s important to you, then you may find them worthwhile.