Star wars Opening?

Hello everyone. We will be coming over from Ireland in October 2019 - the last 9 days of October. I know SW is predicted to be open by ‘late Fall’ but just wondering when you guys think it may be open??
Really hoping it won’t be open end October 2019 as not SW fans and don’t want to have to deal with the massive crowds SW will draw.

Thanks for any ideas/ info!

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Fellow NON fan here too! :smiley: We are a small (but mighty?) group!!

I’m figuring as long as I’m not going to Studios (not really a problem for me) I should be ok…

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Circulating rumors have been closer to end Nov/Dec but I don’t think they are based on anything but speculation (although I may have missed some big news out there for all I know). I’m with you! I have nothing against SW and look forward to checking it out some day but I want to be nowhere near WDW when SWGE opens (like for a long time!)

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I’m planning to go the same week! But all of the research I have done seems to indicate that it won’t likely be open that week. We are big Star Wars fans, but not THAT big that we would like to be anywhere near there for the first year or two.

“Late” fall seems to me much more like Nov/Dec, plus I have read a lot of “insider” type reports that they will be lucky to be done by the end of the year. But I haven’t seen much precedent for Disney pushing these types of openings.

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I feel the same.
I like SW, but really the original 3 that came out when I was a kid. Haven’t see all the new ones.
At some point I would like to see it.
However, the thought of going to HS after it opens . . . no thank you LOL
I don’t think I would want to try it for at least a year

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I find your lack of faith disturbing.

But seriously…,

If we were to start an office pool I wouldn’t be comfortable betting on a date right now. But I think you may be overlooking a silver lining. Everybody waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting) to experience the new Star Wars attractions will not be waiting in line for the non-Star Wars attractions. You may find that there are enough guests pinned down in the Star Wars queues to make the non-SW queues move a bit faster.


It seems that Disney is being smart about all this. They keep opening SOMETHING major every year or so to keep the crowds coming back. Frankly, I think it’s time we put our foot down! (Well, meaning, we take a walking trip around the parks.)

Next year will be Star Wars. The following will be Tomorrowland/Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy. And then there are rumors swelling for beyond then.

No matter what, Disney will keep doing something to draw in the crowds. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will definitely be a draw, much like Pandora and Harry Potter (parts 1 and 2) and Toy Story Land. But I kind of think the Star Wars Hotel will actually be a BIGGER draw.

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Ehhhh I am awfully skeptical of this. I honestly think we would be looking at higher priced flights, overbooked hotel rooms (pools, food courts, etc), crowded buses, etc, etc, etc! Also, while I can imagine many fans doing ONLY GE, the majority of them will hit other parks at some point in time as well.

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Lol,thanks all. Paulleewatkins, that is a perfect example of ‘every cloud’ isn’t it!! It would be so great if the crowds were ok.
There are 7 of us coming over and as it is costing the equivalent of a year’s mortgage payment it will definitely be ‘once in a lifetime’ for us.

So what you call ‘Fall’ beings when ?? October ? Btw, ‘Fall’ is a much better word than Autumn !

Actually we are not that bothered with HS park . We will spend a day there but that will be it. Maybe the crowds will keep to HS. I just imagine that even the big SW fans will not spend their whole holiday there and will populate the rest of the parks too…

There are only two rides. So, yeah. Def.

Crosspost Melcourt!

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Fall 2019 is September 23rd to December 21!

If I had to place a completely un-educated guess I would say mid-Nov. But that is only based on the fact that Disney seems to take forever to actually open things LOL

That depends on how many people are prepared to wait 4, 5, 6 hours in the hope of getting into Galaxy Edge.

Those with FPs for either ride will be let in a certain amount of time before their FP time (just like at TSL). Once in, it will be hard to turf them out of the land, so those waiting in the non-FP line to even enter the land will just have to wait until enough people leave!

How many casual fans, with kids, will be willing to wait “for as long as it takes” to go in? Many may just give up, and if they don’t have hopper tickets they will be filling the show theatres instead.

Oh happy days! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

So ‘late Fall’ hopefully will not include October… and it’s good that they never seem to be in a hurry to open things.

Is there such a thing? I thought there were exactly two categories of Star Wars fans. The DEVOTED. And all the rest.


So also, for whatever (very unknown to me) reasons, Disney seems to like to open stuff close to holidays. TSL opened just before the 4th of July, Pandora was around Memorial Day I believe. So I was also thinking Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I assume this is because the prices are already high and they are already staffing at max capacity but it seems silly to me.

Over here people are having difficulty booking for October and November with Free Dining and the speculation is because of SW opening. I was lucky and managed to book it the day the booking opened but many who waited have been disappointed.

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They did for Pandora. And Avatar doesn’t have half the following Star Wars does…


Exactly what I thought.
The lines still go over 2 hours for FoP, over a year later, so I thing Star Wars is going to be bad for a long time.
It will probably increase wait times in the rest of HS also, although you will probably be able to RD almost anything else, and the lines will just build through the day.