Star Wars Opening Crowd?

I was planning to be in Disney Aug 24- 31. This week was chosen due to low crowd levels. With Star Wars opening on the 29th, I am wondering if I would be better off going Aug 17-24. My family doesn’t really care about Star Wars and we can’t push it out and go later in the year. Welcome Thoughts.

If you really don’t care about Star Wars, and you can change, then I would suggest changing your dates. The roads will be grid-locked for a start, even if the other parks don’t see a surge in numbers.

I feel your angst. We arrive 9/2 and have the same concern. No one really knows, but even Disney’s own announcement about the SWGE opening is unsettling. When you open the Important Details link, the first three sentences warn that HS capacity is limited, access to the park may be unavailable due to demand, and possession of park tickets do not guarantee access to SWGE. I worked long enough in corporate communications before I retired to recognize that sort of corp speak … even Disney is expecting to be overwhelmed. Our fear is that there will be spillover crowds in the other parks to make things a bit more crowded than we anticipated.

I would change. It’s going to be mobbed. Pandora was pretty insane, but SWGE is going to be far, far worse…