Star Wars Light Saber at HS Color Question

In the gift shop that you enter after Star Tours, there is a make your own light saber "station." Does anyone know if one of the light colors is green?

hmmmmm.... there is a light saber section now I do believe... IIRC... but whether they have green... I can't remember. I think they must because DS has a green one that he made the last time we were there (but that one was from the store at DTD). But I'm thinking they all come from the same stock.

Thanks @Darth_DopeyD73. Apparently, DH sad that DS wants the real green light saber not the make your own. HS is our last day though so if he hasn't spent his $ he might want one!

They had green back in January, probably will depend on what they have in stock.

Blue, red, green and purple were the options available at St and in the WoD store in DTD. So you should be ok.

DS made a green one just last week!