Star Wars Launch Pad

We are planning to go to Hollywood Studios on a predicted crowd level day of 3 for Hollywood Studios specifically. I expect to get to Star Wars Launch Pad about 30 minutes after they open (I have to go to Toy Story first). I’m trying to determine how long it will take to do the entire Star Wars Launch pad (movie, 2 meet and greet lines, looking at the memorabilia) to know when to get my fast passes scheduled after that? My kids are huge Star Wars fans. Touring plans shows the average wait time as 20 minutes all day every day but I don’t know how long it will take to do everything once insdie. Any help is much appreciated!

I would say it’s tough to gauge how long it’ll take you because it really depends on the person. Since it’s most like a museum, it comes down to how long you can look at the various exhibits. It’s all move at your own pace and there’s no animatronics so that might impact your speed.

I would advise, after meet and greets and the movie, and based on your kids being huge fans, to set aside a full hour (maybe 1.5 hours) to look through things. You might be able to move faster or you might be slower depending on how your family takes to “normal” museums.

Here’s really how it works:
There was never a line to actually walk into Launch Bay, that I saw. There is a line to watch the movie, I think, but for Launch Bay itself, you just go into that courtyard, and walk straight into the doors. The 20 minute wait is probably the queue for the movie? (Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this.) I went to DHS three times, and always just walked right in.
Once inside, there are two lines for each meet/greet, there’s an area with a few jawas walking around, where you can attempt to trade, there’s another line for the Disney Visa meet/greet, and there are areas for viewing displays all over the place. There is also a store, iirc. If your kids are into video games, there is a room set up with several xboxes or playstations (no idea which) BUT, I would suggest telling your kids BEFOREHAND that they get a certain time limit in that room if you want to allow it. Video game kids can get sucked into that room - not my ideal vacation time spent, but to each his/her own.

If your kids are HUGE SW fans, I’d assume 20 minutes for each meet/greet, 10 minutes for jawa trading, and 20 minutes for looking at the displays. If you have/get a disney visa, you can almost assume Kylo Ren will be the character at the special meet/greet, so you can skip the regular line, and save time at the Visa line, and you can also get a discount at the store outside of Star Tours - they have a part of the store where kids can make their own light saber, and PLENTY of other SW stuff.

You can break it up, too if that suits you:
You can do the 20 minute wait for the film, but then go inside launch bay and look around at different times of the day. We didn’t watch the film, so I can’t comment on how good it was.

What is Jawa trading?

There you go



Thank you for this information! I didn’t know how long the meet and greets would take (thought they might be popular) and I didn’t know if I could do parts and then come back to look around at the other stuff!

Thank you!!

We were down last week and saw the movie. It is a nice movie about some of the folks involved in the making of the films and how the original Star Wars impacted them in their career choices. It was fun and interesting. I probably enjoyed it more than my girls (both big SW fans) given the nostalgia of the piece. I’d do it again and it is part of the experience.


What characters are at the meet and greet? Is Kylo Ren available for non Disney Visa cardholders? Thank you for the information.

Others will hopefully chime in. I’d assume Chewy and Kylo Ren would be a safe bet for the standard meet&greets. Kylo Ren is a weird one. Just be prepared to tell your kids he is weird. It’s part of the act.

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