Star Wars Launch Bay Wait Times

Customized touring plans currently indicate a wait of 20 minutes, and a duration of 45 minutes, for SWLB at all times. Those of you who have been there recently: does the 20 minute figure approximate a wait to get into the theater, and the 45 minute figure stand for the wait for the Chewie/Kylo meets, plus exhibits? I plan to skip the theater, and I’m doubting that I really need to allot 65 minutes for this attraction, especially since I’m hoping to go there during morning EMH, right after the Aerosmith coaster.

We went to SWLB twice in January. First time was during evening EMH and we skipped the movie. Chewie was a 5 minute wait (he’s faster as he seems to interact less than the baddie). It was still Darth Vader and that was closer to 30 minutes wait.
If you are you going to skip the video games/jawas, you could be out of there in about 45 minutes with all things being equal.
So, give or take the wait times for the M&Gs and you could be at an hour. There’s quite a lot to see and it’s pretty cool stuff.

That first 20 minutes would account for the wait to get into the theater & the movie. Since you’re going to skip it, don’t count it.

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Great info, thanks!

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We were there two weeks ago and had breakfast at 8am at Hollywood & Vine til 9am. They had already started letting people in before 9 but we headed to SWLB first. We skipped the movie and went straight to see Chewie & Kylo Ren, the wait times were about 10 minutes each. Then headed to the cantina…the jawas were not there so we continued to the games until they returned. It was a great interaction with the meet and greets, including the jawas!!! We were there exploring a good hour but definitely could of fit everything in 45 minutes without feeling rushed.

Great input, thanks! Since we’ll probably be looking to do just one of the meets (most likely Chewie), and we’ll be there early, it sounds like I’ll be pretty safe just allotting 30-45 minutes for it. That’ll give my TP a nice kick in the pants… Might have time to check out the new Galaxy Far Far Away show later in the day!

Chewie was an awesome meet & greet!! My daughter had a darth vador shirt on and one of the handlers said “Chewie, what to you think of her darth shirt?” He looked down and put his hand over her shirt…It was SO funny!!! Have fun! :smile: