Star Wars Launch Bay. How long?

We should be able to do this. I’ll add it to the list of things to do. Thanks @Frozen_Norwegians!

The priority of the to-do list depends on how many people ask for the thing and how difficult it is to do. This is the first request for Launch Bay. It doesn’t seem particularly difficult to do.


Thank you so much, Len! You guys are awsome!

Hmmm… I have thought the same thing, but decided to focus more on my plan to give Chebacca a big hug :smile: I may decide to skip the Kylo Ren meet after that hug…!

I told him.he was my favorite copilot.


We did Launch Bay very quickly. My son looked at all the exhibits for a few seconds, and decided he didn’t want to line up for character greets. However, leaving the gift shop took quite a lot of time. :slight_smile:

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In my estimation, you have exactly the right approach & the right thought process, if the M&G are a priority for your family. Enjoy!

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I would love to see the M&G’s, movie, & museum broken up into individual steps. If you accomplish this, I also see no reason to eliminate the “all-in-one” option though, in case someone wishes to do it all together as one step. :wink: I was going to ask for this, but figured that it would already have been done if others had asked.

Having seen the movie & M&G’s last time, I put this in my plan with the note, “Can see the museum & One Man’s Dream during this hour”.

Just a thought: Until Len gets the Launch Bay split into two items, you could just add two “rests” and call them Launch Bay, as long as you knew how much time to add for those touring steps. Not ideal, but it could work.

@len, any progress on this, or did it fall down the priority queue?

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