Star Wars Land Construction


So, Jim Hill says that the current plans are to break ground for Star Wars Land ("SWL") at HS in January. I've seen reports about scaffolding amassing for the refurb of Maelstrom, Soarin, and TSMM ( which could also be SWL related) . Are there any reports of seeing evidence of the impending construction?

I'll be there in late January. Does anyone have any idea on what sort of disruption can be expected? What rides are likely to be shut down as part of the SWL construction?

Also, if you look behind Star Tours, the entrance road for HS is right there. However, a re-route of that road further south gives a ton more space that could be used. Anyone know of plans to do something like that?


There has been some speculation because it has been announced that American Idol is closing. Until Disney makes an announcement or better yet starts construction I wouldn't worry.


There have been so many plans that have changed for that park over the years. Until ground is actually broken it's ethereal.


Guess I'm waiting for the official word even as I stay hopeful for a well themed Star Wars Land. I've seen lots of plans on-line detailing where the land might be, which attractions might be sacrificed, etc. Think the pending closing of Idol is related. We'll see. But, I hadn't heard if a TSMM refresh. What do you know?


That being said, I would assume Indy through Sounds dangerous and Idol are going away. I don't think Pixar place will be touched, but the stuff on Commisary Lane could probably go either way. I think Muppets and Streets of America are safe for now. They could also expand the entrance across from the Swalphin and kill the 192 enterance and reclaim that are to expand backwards


The park is so small and thin on rides as it stands that knocking out all of that will make the situation even worse. I'm having a tough time envisioning how they make such a big re-do of a large swath while maintaining the park as a viable operating park.


Right there is where this rumor lost all credibility. smile


Haha. In all seriousness and surely a great deal of ignorance, I had no idea that Jim Hill wasn't credible. The way he talks (on Podcasts) makes it seem that he's got all kinds of insider info.


I don't know anything but am so excited about Star Wars Land. It's not official though right? Star Wars weekend is during my biggest time of the year at work so I can't possibly attend.


oh, he does, of that I have no doubt. The problem is that he reports absolutely any idea that's been tossed around as "this is going to happen".

For example.... smile


WDI projects get cancelled all the time. I have no doubts that he gets info, but Disney is also known for actually disseminating bad info on purpose/ test reactions to rumors.


Got it. Thanks! Didn't realize that. Makes sense to me that WDW would have all kinds of brainstorms some of which even they no doubt believe at the time will come to fruition. Although, realities (financial, spatial, varying priorities, etc) can make what actually happens very different. Guess that's partially why WDW (and others) will wait until the last minute to make an announcement and even those announcements are sometimes vague. Betting WDW learned a few things about this on New Fantasyland and are applying it to big things like Avatarland (seems little official info is surfacing there) and 'small' things like possible changes to Soarin and Maelstrom (no official word there unless I missed something). Thanks for the link and heads-up @Mr_Itty


@Sam2071 I don't know anything personally. There was a mention in another thread here (about Frozen and the Maelstrom ride) where someone mentioned that a contract was awarded for work at TSMM. I lumped it in with the others where scaffolding is reported. So, as a clarification, I don't see a mention anywhere of scaffolding at TSMM.


Just wanted to say that SW land is the main thing that will get DH to agree to another trip, so I'm praying it's true and that Disney pull out all the stops to get it finished in record time!


Ouch. Even if it does happen, we're looking at several years. That's a long time to go w/o WDW.


Not really an issue, we went in 1992, 2000 and 2012 so we're used to waiting!


You might as well be writing in a foreign language. smile