Star Wars Land construction footage

This gave me serious chills. Wow didn’t realize it was going to be this vast.

WOW! Now HS will be able to compete!

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Note: This footage is from Disneyland, not WDW.

Yep. But I believe the expectation is that the version in WDW will be a virtual clone, for the most part. Of course, there is also the planned Star Wars themed hotel expected at WDW that is NOT expected at Disneyland.

Hopefully the footage is evidence of things to come to WDW as well.

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It’s going to be the same layout.

The DL and DHS versions will have the same attractions and be of similar size, but the overall layout will be somewhat different as the two land parcels are differently shaped and have different access points (e.g. DL will have 3 entrances, DHS only 2). Also, DL is at least several months ahead of WDW in construction progress. But I have no doubt that the WDW version will be equally as impressive. No one (outside of Disney) knows where the location of the Star Wars resort is going to be, but the “pundits” are thinking that it will not actually be within SWGE, but rather located somewhere “close” with a windowless transportation system (analogous the Hogwart’s Express) to “seamlessly connect” the resort to SWGE.

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What are the approximate dates for each of the Starwars lands going to open?

One of the links in the other thread had DL opening first half of 2019 and HS in the 2nd half of 2019. I think that’s as good an estimate as has been made so far…

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