Star Wars in November/December?

I know HS has the holiday jingle bam show but do they keep the Star Wars show too? I’m hoping so since I hear it’s really good :blush:

So last year JBJB was put together as a Christmassy show and replaced Star Wars.

Word was that they had found technical issues with showing 2 projection shows in an evening, so from late November onwards JBJB was scheduled. Very late on, like about the 16 th December, they announced Star Wars would also run earlier each night from around Christmas onwards.

I think they will probably do the same this time, but no idea if there will be a newChristmas show, which will run earlier etc. I liked it last year as you could see Star Wars at 6pm and make it to Fantasmic really easily. Didn’t bother with JBJB.

I hope the Star Wars show is done earlier. My family would love lt . I’ve also heard its good

This was posted today :,-jingle-bam-to-return-to-disneys-hollywood-studios-for-the-2017-holiday-season.htm