Star Wars @ HS

Still finishing up those TP’s for our family’s first trip! My kids absolutely love Star Wars, but they’re only 2 & 6.

I have planned so far to watch Jedi training (probably not participate our first time), and the Star Wars Launching Bay, but what it the separate Star Wars film? My kids have seen episodes 4 - 6, but just wondering what the actual content is of this film before I either bore them or frighten them.

We also got the Disney Visa for the extra Star Wars meet & greet, but all Star Wars character info and tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

You’re going to have a great time seeing all the Star Wars stuff.

RE: the movie. It’s about a 15 minute film, set up documentary style with those one sided interviews with directors and associated other film personnel. It is not supplemental Star Wars movie material. Honestly, it’s skippable, especially for the ages of your kids.

There will be jawas and stormtroopers, and I believe Captain Phasma, walking around and in the Launch Bay. You can trade little trinkets with the jawas. They’re a lot of fun.

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I took the movie off the plan! That’s exactly what I needed to know! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Just in case you’re curious, someone posted this on YouTube.

Star Wars Launch Bay movie

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We were told, if you want a picture with a Jawa, you have to ask. “They don’t know what you want otherwise.” They will try to bargain with you (not for a picture, though) to make a connection. But really, they’re there for the pics. Just catch one and ask for it.

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There is the new stage show 5 x daily starting April 5 also

That’s the SWLB film, right? I think maybe OP was asking about Path of the Jedi?

That’s awesome! Not showing up as an option on my TP yet, but we’ll definitely want to catch it!

What should I bring to bargain with?

Ive added it to my plans its called star wars galaxy far far away. Its under shows I think instead of attractions Near the bottom of the list if adding to existing plan or 2nd tab at top if creating a new plan

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Nothing of value - unopened packs of gum, springs, balls of foil, stickers, paper clips, hair clips have all been suggested to me.

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Thanks for the heads up! It shows up on the TP website, but not the app.

You can literally trade anything with the jawas. I brought some stickers, but my father gave them his empty ice cream wrapper! and got a highlighter in exchange. and yes, the highlighter worked.


That’s hysterical!

Totally off topic, but someone said before to bring gems…do you know why?

Because you can “catch” it during PhilharMagic:

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Oh…maybe. We were there in January and so much has already changed.

But, yes, that is the movie inside the Launch Bay. It’s just something I think they’re showing to slow down the pace of people going through the exhibits and m&g. Honestly, it was just 15 minutes worth of people who worked on the films saying how much they love the films! LOL!


Good to know! I’m planning to skip it and go right into the exhibits.

I haven’t seen Path of the Jedi, but by the sound of the TouringPlans description, it’s pretty skippable too, especially if you’ve already seen The Force Awakens (and if you’re a big enough Star Wars fan to inquire specifically about this stuff, then you have):

“Rather than try to recap the plot of all six films, Path of the Jedi takes iconic images and dialogue from the saga and stitches them together thematically, rather than chronologically. If you haven’t already seen all the movies, the result will be visually dazzling but incoherent; for the rest of us, it makes a great memory jog.
The classic footage culminates in the death of Darth Vader, which then segues into the final theatrical trailer for The Force Awakens. The footage from the new film includes glimpses of an aged Han Solo and Princess Leia, alongside the youthful new heroes.”

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One of the counter service places has star wars themed food (I forget off-hand which one, sorry) so if your kids like chicken nuggets why not Dark Side chicken and waffles!

Is 6 big enough for Star Tours? (My own kid is a step, so I never learned much about under-10s sorry) If you’re planning that ride consider a couple trips through because it changes.

There’s also the build-your-own lightsaber, it’s a must-have souvenir for Star Wars fans. $25 I think. And I’m not sure if those are at the star wars store in Disney Springs, or at Hollywood Studios, or both? Anyone know more about that?