Star Wars Guided Tour Question

Heading on the Star Wars 7-hour tour in June. Do you know whether there is time to meet BB8, trade with Jawas and/or build a droid while on the tour? Should I plan to do these things before the tour begins?
(CM on the phone told me those things were not guaranteed.)

I am also doing the Star Wars Tour in June; very interested to hear anyone’s experiences!

I have talked to the CMs over the phone. They tell me not to expect any of these SW experiences with the Guided Tour…
Would love to know if anyone has taken the tour since they added BB8.

We were able to meet BB8, but you had to wait in line at the dessert party portion. Very quick line and it was not an issue at all. Even though there was rain and some things were missing (March of the First Order and the Jedi Training), we very much enjoyed this! My son did trade with the Jawas during the dessert party and the guides were awesome. We also were snuck into Toy Story for a quick ride because of some of the missing portions. Storm Troopers came to our tables as we were eating at Backlot and we were able to get a picture session with Vader. Very worth it for a Star Wars fanatic!