Star Wars Galaxy Edge, possible paid previews?


I would be shocked if an EMM style event or preview at GE was less than $1,000 per ticket (during the first couple months after opening). I suspect there are ten of thousands of Star Wars fanatics (plus celebrities that will want to get in on the hype) that will be eager to drop their $1,000 to do this. And DL can always lower the price in the unlikely scenario where there isn’t enough interest.


We’ve met Snow White and Jasmine and then on another occasion Mulan and maybe Jasmine? at Goofy’s, but both those times were 5 & 6 yrs ago. Not sure who meets now, but the latest pictures I have seen seem to be the same characters as breakfast (Minnie, Pluto, Chip n Dale).


I really want to see the park somewhat like the Imagineers intend it, before operational concerns change things, but I’m gonna have to work really hard to rationalize spending thousands of dollars on a preview. Maybe you’d like to hire me to keep Guy Selga company standing outside the gates hoping for a soft opening? There is more than one gate that you’ll need to keep vigil over!