Star Wars Galactic Spectaular, where to sit?

Ok this looks like it will be an amazing show! There is very little information on it in the book so I am asking here. We will be in HS August 22 and the show goes at 10pm. We definitely cannot afford to do the dessert party at $79 times 4 people so I have some questions about how to navigate this. I am sure the park is going to be crazy because of TSL as well.

Where should we try to position ourselves?

How early do we need to get there?

And any other inside tips you can give us!!

Thank you

I haven’t been yet (going June 29) but its my understanding that being right in front of the left projection tower is a good place.

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That’s exactly where I was to see it!

You really want to be between the projection towers as you face the Theatre to be able to see all the projections.

If you’re behind them it’s important to try and be central. Anywhere in front of them is fine.


There’s a path they keep clear that crosses the area, we sat just behind in and stayed sitting throughout the show. I think we arrived about 80 mins beforehand, put down our rug and then took it in turns to go do other stuff. We also had a picnic dinner while waiting.

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Thanks for the info!! Good idea on the picnic!

That’s where we sat as well. There was a CM there that was asking trivia questions while we waited. Great view at that spot. We stood for the show.