Star Wars Galactic Spectacular vs. Jedi Training

Would anyone be willing to weigh in on which of these two events (Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks and Jedi Training) are more of a must-do? From everything I’ve read, we need to be at HS before rope drop in order to stand a chance at Jedi Training; however, a fireworks show set to Star Wars music will be awesome for my kids. Why not do both, you ask? No way we are making it all day at Hollywood Studios (planned for January 30) and I don’t know how feasible taking a mid-day break and going back to the park will be. Thoughts? Thank you in advance for your help!

I haven’t seen the Star Wars galactic spectacular but I can say Jedi training was my kids most favorite thing from our last trip. It’s a can’t miss for our family. We usually just plan a long midday break, but if that won’t work for you, maybe plan to go later in the day and see if there are any JTA spots left. I’ve heard some people have gotten spots without showing up first thing, but it’s a risk to wait if you decide your kids must do it.

awspoede - Thank you! Would you mind sharing with me what time you arrived that morning vs. what time HS opened?

It’s was a 9am opening day, and we arrived around 8:20. It didn’t take too long to sign up. I know I read someone else post somewhere that they signed up around lunch time on a nine am open and got a JTA slot for later in the day. Others have tried around 11 and everything was gone… Maybe someone else with more recent experience will post…

Last August, we didn’t get in line until 10 or so (due to kids suddenly deciding they wanted to do it after not wanting to). We didn’t expect we would get in but decided to try it – line took 30 min, but we were able to get a time in midafternoon.

Two things to note: the park is less crowded in August and there are now two villains that you might fight with – which has doubled the capacity of the number of kids they can serve.

We are also planning on going back to the hotel for dinner / rest and returning for fireworks. We are staying at beach club villas so it’s a quick boat ride back and forth.

I’ve been having similar issues on how to cover everything at HS. My latest plan is rope drop till Fantasmic with an optional afternoon break and then come back another evening for the fireworks. Remember the fireworks might not be nightly. You could do the fireworks after an evening at AK or EP.