Star Wars Fireworks

So I’m kind of freaking out a bit. We are taking my son down to Disney for is birthday in early November. He is a huge Star Wars fan. As of now, the Star Wars Fireworks are showing no times available in November. I noticed they get cut down to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in October. Any word if they are going to keep them going through November? My son will be heartbroken if they are not running them.

WDW has been slow lately releasing times, but I’d be surprised if they cut the SW firework show all together, especially with the MSEP leaving in October.

Third string on this in as many days…

Short answer. No one KNOWS. Nov will very likely be the same as Oct. updated schedules have been released about one month in advance.

Thanks. I must say Im surprised Disney is dragging their feet with releasing dates like they are. I don’t remember this being an issue in the past. I guess they are still feeling the burn form the Rivers of Light experience.

I think they may also be doing their own crowd predictions. I do not think they want to have shows scheduled with very low crowds.

I don’t know if you saw, but the Star Wars firework show has been added to the calendar through 11/5. So that’s something.


I did see thanks. I’m going to keep checking back . I’m thinking they are adding them week by week.

I’m bummed about the Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat schedule for October and now the beginning of November. I assume it will continue that way through the month of November. We’re doing 5 nights, but had already planned our HS afternoon/evening for a Thursday. Sunday would be the only other time we could catch it on this trip.

It’s too hard to rework everything in order to see SW on a Friday or Saturday. If ROL doesn’t happen, then we could hop Friday night to HS for Star Wars. But, if ROL shows up, we’re definitely staying for that show over SW. We have a couple of teenage boys on our trip who would probably love SW though.

I just wish that SW would show every evening. But, I have to remind myself that you can never do it all! Remind myself to be grateful for the wonderful things we will do.


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Depending on timing you might be able to do both RoL & SW fireworks on the same night. I’m not sure I can fit both in either. I’m going to try for a FPP or DP with RoL and then try and fit SW fireworks in.

So, of course I have been toying around with all of this in my head and I think I’ve come up with a plan.

On our arrival day, we plan to head to Epcot early afternoon to get some good food and walk around the showcase. We have FP for FEA at the end of the night but since we have one more set of those FPs for FEA on the last night of our trip, I think we can let those go and hop to HS for SW show at the end of the night. I’m pretty confident the show will be on the schedule, given that the first week of November already has updated to show SW on certain nights.

I just realized we can take a boat from Epcot to HS so that might be super nice way to end the night.

So, new enhancement to the trip!

But, I’m worried about wearing everyone out, too! This is our first trip where we hop.


I completely forgot about the boat from Epcot to HS! That might work to our advantage as well. Thanks for the reminder.

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The boat ride from Epcot to DHS is nice, but make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. It makes stops along the way at Boardwalk, Y&B, and Swolphin. End result is at least a half hour to get from A to B. Most likely more by the time loading/unloading figure in.