Star Wars Fireworks - Times showing for 1st week of November

OK it looks as though the times for SWAGS are published through the first week of Nov., and it appears they are same days of the week as October, M/W/F/S.
But no times available after that week. I wonder if they’ll publish the rest of the month around the beginning of October?

Maybe. You may have followed our conversation here about the October dates. The SWAGS was only posted through October 1 for quite some time. The rest of the month opened up on the morning of September 4. (It wasn’t until about 11:00 am EDT when they opened up that day, so don’t give up at 7:00 am when you would think they would be posted.)

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Thanks! I am going to keep an eye on it. Not so sure that we want to do the dessert party but def want to see the actual show.

If I was placing a wager, I’d say to expect the same schedule at least until Thanksgiving. As that week is typically busier, they might add an extra night or two. I could also see more showings closer to the Holiday weeks…


Thanks for the insight! I’m going NUTS trying to guess/figure it out, I’m checking daily like a psycho, lol.
We’ll arrive at WDW the Sunday after Thanksgiving, HS on Wednesday 11/30 so who knows…