Star wars Fireworks from the EP/HS Resorts?

Any suggestions please on seeing the Star Wars fireworks from the EP/HS resorts. I recall reading a post on a bar that piped the music in and if you stood outside you could see most of it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Might of just said it would have been good if they’d played the soundtrack. My current thinking for our date night without kids on a high CL day is dinner at one of the EP/HS resorts and then walk to HS for the fireworks and see them from the exit. We’ll need a speedy departure as the kids will be in club, so was thinking a cab from a resort would be perfect if we can see the fireworks from there.

There are also cabs right past the buses (right hand side as you exit) at HS.

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Thank you, do you know whether there is a good view of the fireworks from any of HS/EP resorts please?

The new show will have projections onto the buildings (I guess like the new DL show?). You could see the fireworks from the BW area but you would be missing a lot? I think we have to wait for it to open to really know?

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Thank you, didn’t think about the new laser projections. On a CL9 day in HS, would you recomend an ADR or do you think we’ll find space in one of the bars or CS restaurants please?