Star Wars fireworks from outside DHS?

If we wanted to watch the Star Wars fireworks but don’t have a park ticket, is there a place we could do that? I know we would miss the projection show, but is there a similar place to hear the music and see the fireworks, such as people do for Wishes? The last two nights of the Star Wars fireworks are now scheduled at 8pm on days we have arrival at AS-S/Boma/explore AKL and Legoland planned, so we don’t have a park ticket to use. TIA!

I would guess that you could view them from somewhere over by International Gateway and/or Epcot resorts. We saw them from Illuminations and they were off in that direction.

You would not be able to hear the music. You may be able to see the fireworks but there didn’t seem to be a lot of them. To me, it is like seeing illuniNations from outside the park (but you usually can hear some of that music)

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I’ll echo what @PrincipalTinker writes but add that you can see them from the Boardwalk area, and probably from Coronado and Pop/AoA.

I’ve seen photographs that appear to suggest good views from just outside the park entrance and from the walkway between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I do think the music/narration is a big part of the show, however, but you should be able to find a Youtube video of the show and start it playing when the show starts. It’s not as good as being there, but is probably better than having no accompanying music/narration.

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Thank you all, very helpful! And @FlyerFan1973 brilliant idea, I’ll do that!