Star Wars events at HS : what are they?

I keep reading about all the Star Wars stuff people are doing, did they add more stuff to the park in the last 2-3 years? All I remember was a chance for your kid to go to Jedi training, and I think one ride. Is there more now?

THere’s the Launch Bay, an exhibits area and 2 meet and greets, and a film show and Jawa trading.

A stage show - A Galaxy far far away outside the Chinese Theatre, which is usually preceded by The March of the First Order, where stormtrropers march up Hollywood Blvd and interact with the public. You really want to be along the route somewhere to see it live. If you wait in front of the stage, you only see it on a screen. Also storm troopers can be found around that area through the day too.

There’s a 10 minute compilation film clip on a continuous cycle near Star Tours, for those that need reminded of the whole saga from the beginning.

The projections and fireworks show at night.

Star Tours, with the build your own light sabre in the gift shop.

Jedi Training, which is cool to just watch. Or of course taking part in.

Think that’s about it!