Star Wars Dessert Party-WWYD?

Morning, Need someone to say yah or nah for me.

We’re going down in mid/late September to celebrate my two DD bdays. DD2 is turning 3 on our last day and DD8 turns 9 a month after our trip. We’ve decided that DD8 will get to wear her HB button on the 20th cause it’s exactly 1 month, DD2 will obviously wear hers on her bday (they’ll both wear on all of the other days). So, now my question. I really want to do a dessert party but our group is so large (14) that I don’t want to ask everyone to shell out that additional money. I was thinking, and hubs agrees, that we take just DD8 on her bday celebration day to the Star Wars Dessert Party to make it a little extra special (cause apparently going to Disney for your bday isn’t enough) (but lets be 100% honest, her bday is just an excuse for me to do a dessert party). Am I forcing the issue by doing this? We have 1900 Park Fare at 6:35 that day, after a RD at AK (staying until 3ish then back to AOA for a refresher beforehand). Would we be to full to even enjoy the desserts? DH and I would definitely be in it for the drinks but $200 for a handful of drinks? We could just go over to Ogas (have a reservation for 8:45 which we would cancel if we did the dessert party) and presumably spend less than the dessert party. But no desserts and no special spot for fireworks (but potential for fireworks photo op with the millenium falcon in the background-know this is possible for SWGE in DL, not 100% for DW version). How is it Disney is so good and getting us to spend all our money? What should I do? Thanks for any input.

You would definitely be too full to enjoy the desserts. Other than that I can’t say. I never pay for extras.


We did a Crystal Palace dinner at 6 and then HEA dessert party. We managed to eat a few desserts, but were mainly paying for seating. I am not sure if the Star Wars viewing location is worth the extra money though.

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We did SW DP and we enjoyed it, but it wasn’t amazing or anything. As you said you get some alcohol, but you probably aren’t going to get $200 worth. You do get a “gift” but again ours might be $10 value.
If it were me, I wouldn’t do it, unless it was replacing a meal.

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What I’ve heard is that there won’t be a good view from inside SWGE for the fireworks (but we’ll know for sure next week). I am a fan of extras and Shanon Albert (WDW Prep to Go) rates this party highly - I think it’s her favorite. The viewing area for the fireworks used to be better but it’s still in a very good spot (according to SA).

I haven’t done it yet - SW fireworks weren’t shown on our trip last year. We were able to grab wine/beer and a semi decent viewing spot before the JB,JB show with relative ease.

Not to lead you down another path altogether but have you considered a custom cake for DD8? For $100 to whatever you want to spend you can get a custom cake done and delivered to any resort TS restaurant. It’s a rabbit hole I’ve fallen down for our upcoming trip. Much like you I’m designating one day for each boys birthday this trip (for one it is his actual birthday, the other one misses his real birthday by three days). I’m doing a custom cake for each of them - one at 1900 PF for dinner.

That’s another thought I had as well.

I love Shannon Albert. I checked her review on it, remembering she spoke highly of it, before posting.

I don’t think their will be a good either for the fireworks. It would be more a matter of getting fireworks in the picture in the far background. There are some really cool shots that people have managed to get by timing it right. Wondering if the Falcon is angled in a way where you can get that in the picture.

Man, another rabbit hole! Hadn’t thought about the cakes idea. We’re doing Chef Mickeys for the 3yr old, 1900 for the 8yr old. I know they’ll have plenty of desserts but obviously nothing as special as a cake.

I’m open to more ideas if you’ve got any. We are doing the Pirates League on the 22nd and MNSSHP (Tinkerbell and a Pirate Fairy - kind of inline with the mermaid option). I think I just really like giving Disney all of my money.

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good view*

You are in good company here!!

We did the Star Wars Dessert Party last year and loved it. That being said, I would not do it right after a TS meal. The cake idea sounds great though, and then the whole group gets to be part of the celebration :slight_smile:

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Hi. Nice to meet you. @kerrilux and I have the same affliction - giving Disney all our money.

So there are a number of threads on the other big board about cakes. The resident cake expert is lurkyloo.

We’re doing haircuts followed by Pirates League. I also signed my boys up for the new Pirates themed kids club at Beach Club one night. You’re at AoA, right? Have you thought about Mermaid school? Beach Club (and maybe the Poly) used to do a Pirates themed cruise but I’m not sure if that is currently offered.

Other things I’ve considered - the special access tours at AK - Living with Giants and Caring for something else (and I may have those backwards). A whole bunch of us are also fans of the Tier 1 Tiffins dining package that includes a VIP safari ride.

My kids don’t know this is planned but we’re spending an entire day at Fort Wilderness (well, we’re doing Wilderness Lodge in the morning with DS2’s birthday cake). I rented a golf cart and made Archery reservations. DS1 just texted me today (from my mother’s phone) asking to do archery, not knowing I’ve already got it covered. He doesn’t even know it’s a possibility at Disney. We’ll do smores and looping too. Overall, this may be our cheapest day of the trip but my guess is it’s the one they’ll most remember.


That sounds awesome! Something to keep in mind for a future trip! Love the idea of them doing archery.

I looked at Mermaid school when I first booked but didn’t think it would fit in to our plans. But our plans have changed around so definitely a revisit, Thank you!! I know I looked at the pirates cruise but it didn’t work with our plan. But definitely something for a future trip (more excuses to come back and give them all my cash).

Thank you for all of the advice!! (keep it coming if you think of more)

I actually just started looking at the Wonderland Tea party for our arrival day. Would it be too much to go straight from the airport to the GF for the tea party to kick things off? We would then head to Wilderness lodge for Storybook Dining. It’s official, I have an addiction.

Well, I wouldn’t book anything on arrival date as my husband has the worst luck with flights and is a terrible jinx. If you’re renting a car and driving, you can probably make it all work.

I’m sorry that I don’t know more “girl centered” stuff. I am hoping to take my nieces (and my nephew) in a couple years and then I will need all the princess and mermaid info. I did ask DS1 if he wanted to do Mermaid School but he passed (not that he wasn’t interested but he gets that it’s kind of a girl thing and didn’t want to be the only boy :cry:).

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Mermaid school is at 8 a.m. on select days. There is only one day where she could do it and that’s suppose to be a sleep in day. So that’s a no. Agree with you on the not booking anything on arrival day, most likely way to jinx our trip (plus they’ll want to explore AoA since we’ve never stayed). Thanks again for the suggestions. Have you (or anyone) tried an in-room celebration? Like I said, REALLY trying hard to spend all our money.:wink:

This forum will absolutely feed all of this for you!! I am constantly reading about new ways to give Disney my money on here!

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Technically, no, I haven’t done a full in room celebration. In 2016 when I did the Princess Half with my friend (and stayed free in her BC DVC room), I sent her a basket from the celebration site that was marathon related. I also sent a similar basket to friends staying at an offsite resort last year. But no, I haven’t done the full decorated room experience.

I did Tinkerbell gifts last year in Christmas stockings (and a mini artificial Christmas tree) last year. Maybe you could do something fall themed? I just mailed all the stuff ahead of time (about a week ahead) so I was only packing it on the return trip.

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Thanks! We did Tinkerbell last trip, and will definitely be doing it again. It was a huge hit with my oldest and worked AMAZINGLY well for mid day melt downs. I caught hers several times backing off sassy/tiredness cause she remembered Tinkerbell doesn’t come to children who misbehave, lol. I like the idea of making the gifts fall themed, particularly Halloween, fits in nicely with the surprise MNSSHP we’re doing. My oldest loves scavenger hunts so I know Sunday’s Tinkerbell gift will be scavenger hunt themed that will lead her/them to the MK for the surprise Pirates League. You know, I’m starting to think I don’t need to add anymore. Thanks for helping me work that one out, lol!.

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