Star Wars Dessert Party Discontinued?

I’ve been checking the website waiting for dates to open up for a few months, and they never have. The only date available to book is 12/31. Have they discontinued this dessert party?

I was looking tonight and can see dates open thru Feb, but can’t find availability on a single day… (Would like to go Jan 31)

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Yes, dates just becoming available (blue) in calendar. Suspect in a few hours will be able to book. Have been waiting a while. Prices for 2020 released some time ago, just late with booking openings. I’m impatient!


Same boat here. I was about to give up. I’m hoping to do it January 8th

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I see that this morning too. I’ve been checking every day hoping. Looks like today will be the day!

Oh, this is great news - I’m seriously considering this. Now I just have to hope they open dates for March!

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Yep- checked again this morning, and the dates were available. I must have spoken them into existence…:woman_mage:


Just booked it for Jan 9th! WHOOOP!

“Tea, earl grey, hot.”


Well, thank you for that! :wink: I was able to book it for our February trip!!

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I have been waiting to book a frozen dessert party at Epcot, but there is nothing listed after 12/30… do you think this will be announced soon also?

Probably. I would check every morning if I were you. That’s what I was doing for this one.

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I also noticed the dates for the Epcot fireworks dinner package at Rose and crown were blue but no bookings available yet.

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Looks available to me.

But only if you’re on the Enterprise. If you’re on The Heart of Gold, forget it!

(Which makes me wonder, has anyone ever asked for tea on the Millennium Falcon? It seems unlikely).

Computer, I want REAL chocolate!

LOL Thanks, Computer!