Star Wars Day (May the 4th)

We are taking a short trip in May, and I just realized that I have planned for DH and DS to have their Star Wars experiences on Star Wars Day (May the 4th). Do you think Galaxy’s Edge will actually be more crowded this day, or do you think that most people (like me) won’t even take that into consideration when planning their trips?

I’m not planning to reschedule anything (because my other plans are perfect), just curious to hear your thoughts.

I would say most won’t, but some will.

Personally, as a SW fan myself, I find the “May the 4th” date thing silly. The date has no actual significance to the Star Wars universe. Having said that, I am sure there are plenty who will feel it would “be cool” to go to SWGE on that day. My prediction? Crowds will be up SLIGHTLY in SWGE, but probably not overall.

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Yes it does

“May the force be with you.”



It will be pretty insane if past years - before SWGE - are any indication.

I myself would prefer to be in a galaxy far, far away.

But for a fan? That’s the ultimate day to be there


I get that it is a pun. But nothing more.

For all the dark-siders, two days later could see an uptick for Revenge of the Sixth.


So then you get that there is a connection.

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A pun is not a connection. It is just silly.

Having fun and being silly never hurt anyone. You should try it sometime.



It’s not like it’s Life Day or anything really important.