Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, & Mother's Day all in 1 Trip

Our trip just happens to coincide with Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, & Mother’s Day all in 1 trip! I’d love to hear your ideas on how to do something small to celebrate these. We are flying in on Star Wars day and will not be going to a park. And we will be at AK for Cinco de Mayo. Clearly, HS on Star Wars Day and EP Mexico pavilion for Cinco de Mayo would have made the most sense, but I also don’t want to hit crowds for something that is not the main purpose of our trip (just a happy coincidence).

Also, I will be in EP on Mother’s day with my mom and children. Besides a nice meal on mother’s day, what is something special I can do for my mom?


Oh… make your Mother’s Day brunch ADR asap :slight_smile: We’re going to WL-WC :partying_face:

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So does WDW do anything for Cinco de Mayo?

Matching T-shirts is my answer to everything (I bet there are some really cute themes you could do for Mother’s Day)…

How many people in total in your group? Does your mom like flowers, wine, something else? Pre-planning some flower and garden booths for snacks and drinks on the Food and Wine app aimed at her tastes would be thoughtful. Or making it a point to get some cute family photos taken in scenic areas since you are all together. (Enter: matching shirts… just sayin)

And don’t forget to pick something that you want to do - you are a mom and it is your day too!

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You could do dinner at DS for Cinco de Mayo. Here are some ideas from a couple years ago.

There are lots of Mexican restaurants offsite as well but I don’t have any personal experience to share.

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I’m starting to think a t-shirt is the route I’ll go. There are some cute shirts on Etsy: “I’m a Disney Grandma. It’s like a regular grandma but more magical”. She does love flowers and wine. Maybe also a quick wine tasting. What countries can I get a flight of wine? Italy? Germany (I :heart: german reisling)? For me, Disney with the kiddos is all I need :heart_eyes: ! Actually, I get my want the next day: dinner at Homecomin’.


That sounds like such a fun idea! In France you can also do a wine/champagne tasting flight at the Les Vins de France shop, near Souvenirs de France.

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Yay! I like the sound of the wine flight @debb13mc mentioned. I was looking at the Food and Wine app to see if there were any fun wines for F&G but then I got sucked in and forgot what the question was… Primavera Kitchen in Italy has a yummy looking white sangria with Prosecco, and then there are pineapple and honey wines in the booths by Canada. Going to attempt posting screenshots:


Thank you!