Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular in September and beyond

There are no Star Wars fireworks scheduled at HS after August 31st. Anyone knows if they are coming back? I have done some quick google but could not find any information. Any tips are welcome!

They just don’t post the schedule that far out.

I’m sure it will run from September through to some time mid November. Then they switch to a Christmas themed show, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bam.

And then around Christmas itself up to New Year they will show both, one before Fantasmic, one after.

Thanks! That makes sense. I am trying to sense if I want to plan for them or not. We saw Fantasmic! already, but not the fireworks…

So I’m planning on going the week before Christmas. Will F! still be playing? And does that mean I won’t have any chance to see Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular?

VYes Fantasmic will still be on.

The Star Wars show will be replaced by Jingle Bells, Jingle Bam sometime around Thanksgiving. But near to Christmas, certainly the week between Christmas and New Year, both those shows will run. One early evening, one after.

We won’t know the schedule until nearer the time. The first year, the Star Wars show was added back into the schedule very close to Christmas, maybe 4 weeks before, and was the early show. Probably because it was a last minute decision (they had technical issues with 2 sets of projections in one night).

Last year JBJB was the early show and Star Wars the later one.

But I don’t know when they first start showing both.

Last year, the Star Wars one returned on Friday, Dec. 15. The next night, the park closed early for Star Wars: Galactic Nights ticketed event. The following nights (Sunday, Dec 17 and beyond) they did the same as the 15th and had both JBJB and SW:AGS. F! was every night except the 15th.

There will be Star Wars fireworks during my stay. People: would you say they are worth watching? I have to decide on whether I would rather stay at HS studios to watch the fireworks or if I would prefer spending the night in Epcot. I was thinking Epcot, but I like fireworks, usually.

Do you like Star Wars? If you do, then yes. If not, then stay in Epcot. Also depends if you’ve seen Illuminations before.

I think it’s a great show, but the main part of it is the projections onto the Chinese Theatre. The fireworks are used as part of it, and then at the end of course there’s a bit of a classic fireworks show.

You need to be either in front of the pillars or in the centre if you’re further back to be able to see both sides.


Thanks! That is very good information. I like Star Wars but I am not the biggest fan! Illuminations and Star Wars fireworks are the two shows we have yet to see. I think I will try to see Illuminations on another night!