Star Wars: a galactic spectacular in November

Anybody heard anything on Star Wars: a galactic spectacular being done after November 8th? As of right now, there are no times showing after November 8th. We will be there 11/17-11/25 and really hoped to see it.

It’s stopping earlyish November (I assume the 8th from your post), replaced with Jingle Bells Jingle Bam, until 15th Decemenber, when they will show both up until NYE if last year is any guide.

Times are published on Disney site:

That’s the schedule for 9th November.

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It seemed from the HS personalized plans I played around with, that F! and JBJB are conducted almost simultaneously, and you can’t do both on the same night. I intend on doing an F! dining package, and we’re likely only doing one day at HS, which could mean completely foregoing JBJB. Am I correct on this?