Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks!

I am planning a trip to in December and wanted to know if anyone knew more information about it. It states it will open on 6/17, will this be a summer only thing? I really do hope they keep it at least until December! lol

I don’t think anyone knows for sure…I haven’t seen anything saying it was just for summer, and Disney has been slow releasing updated park hours and fireworks times. They just recently added them to the schedule for the rest of summer. I’d be surprised, though if they didn’t have something going through the rest of the year. There’s so much closed at HS right now, it seems smart to keep a show that might draw people in.

Thanks! I sure do hope they keep the show until then!

Me too! I’ve heard the old Star Wars fireworks are awesome, so I have high hopes this new program will also be amazing. Hope I get a chance to see it and decide for myself!

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As far as I know it will be a permanent addition to the park line-up; they’re not going to spend a fortune on a new launch site, in-park projection towers, etc for a show that will only run for a few months.

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