Star Tours and Lunch at Hollywood and Vine timing

We have a fastpass for Star Tours @ 12:10
I have a lunch reservation booked at Hollywood and Vine at 12:30
Followed by Frozen sing a-long fast pass at 2:00-2:15

Will this work or should I change and go with a dinner reservation?
Thanks for your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Even with fastpass star tours isn’t the fastest ride to get in and out of. I’m sure your booked table will allow 15 mins ish until you arrive though.

Just depends how long you normally spend on lunch I guess?

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My gut feeling is you have introduced a bit of stress and you will be on edge a bit checking your watch a lot if you aren’t careful

That happened to us when we had a meal at 50s diner and a show shortly after. We ended up not enjoying the meal as much as we were delayed sitting down etc

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I would actually be less worried. Enter ST early at 12:05, even if it takes 20min that still gives 5min to get to ressie on time or 15min slightly late. Some of us have narrower options with larger groups for FPP times. That said, ST has so many open times, you should be able to alter it a bit forward (12:00) and have even more time.

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