Staples Rewards Free Shipping

Hey all! Just received an email from Staples Rewards program that starting today you get free shipping with no minimum purchase if you are in their rewards program. (Not for a period of time -- always not s/h cost.) Great if you want to ship water, snacks, soda, etc... to your resort.


I did this with water on the last trip! worked out great :slight_smile:

Great idea! Is it easy to have something shipped to your room?

I did this over the summer. I had water shipped to PORS and then on another trip to POP. The only problem I had was that we arrived around 8 pm at POP and we weren’t able to get it until the next morning. It is a great way to get water. Be careful with conference hotels though as I think there is a charge for packages shipped to those resorts.

We are staying at AoA in 3 weeks. I guess i will call them to see if they allow packages. Does anyone kmow how to get beer delivered too?!

I don’t think AoA is a conference hotel so you should be fine. I’m not sure about beer. Maybe use a grocery service. If you do that though, maybe just get your water from there too as I think they probably have a minimum order amount. I haven’t done this before but I think Garden Grocer is a popular place with many people.

This article about shipping items has the address for AoA (and the other resorts - I saved the link to keep that info handy).

Think @DOLEWHIPDAD stayed at AoA and wrote this, so he can probably confirm that shipping there should not be a problem.


Thank you!!

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You are correct…shipping to AoA was great