Standy for Be Our Guest at Lunch - Is it Worth It?

I’ve Googled Be Our Guest and have read practically every article about it, and my family and I really want to go there for lunch. Problem is, we can’t get an ADR on the day we’ll be at MK (a common problem, I know).

I think we’re going to try to get FastPasses for it the day of by showing up right before the restaurant opens in the morning (a piece of advice offered in almost every article I’ve read).

My question is, can we send 1 person from our party of 6 to get FastPasses for all of us, or do all of us need to be at the restaurant when it opens?

BOG is done as an ADR not a Fastpass, so I’m not even sure you could do this anymore, and if you wanted to try for standby in case of cancellations/no-shows you’d likely all have to be there. Your best bet is probably to watch for smaller group reservations at overlapping times (i.e. 2 + 4) starting 2 days before… many reservations open up the night before as people drop them.

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Try every single day before your visit, plans change constantly! It’s not a FPP you’re looking for, it’s an Advanced Dining Reservation or ADR. You can try to get one here:
Make sure you have your credit card ready and/or linked in your MDE profile, because you’ll need it the second you see a spot open up. Once you see something… grab it at once, or you could lose it. It’s that cutthroatish!
Start combing the site at midnight the day before your intended visit @jeffinatx, as mossy @mossymom mentioned it’s the greatest chance of snagging a reservation someone else drops. There is a $10 per person cancellation fee if you don’t cancel 24 hours before your res so that’s when everyone starts dropping all the reservations they won’t use. That’s when you can land your lunch!!
Of course, it goes without saying that you want to cancel your own reservation if you’re not using it, 10 bucks per person is not toss away money! :wink:

Good luck!

Have you tried this: I have booked multiple ADRs using this finder.

somewhat related. My son and i showed up before my wife and daughter. They gave us the “rose” but asked us not to proceed until our whole family was there.

The food was good and the atmosphere was nice - however this is NOT a life altering experience. They “magically” bring your food to the table - big deal they do that at most of the restaurants that I eat at. I was very much annoyed that it took over a half hour of waiting to even just order our food and they were stingy with the menus. We had to share (which turns out we had plenty of time to do so) but we are mature enough to have our own menu.

If you don’t eat there - don’t be too upset - yes it was nice - but not exceptional. It was SLIGHLTY more relaxed than a counterservice - but not as much as waitered service.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I used the reservation finder here, and it clued me in to a Breakfast reservation on an alternate day, so no matter what, we’ll be going but hopefully a lunch spot opens so we can switch our reservation.

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Atmosphere is very cool. Food at lunch wasn’t very great. I would highly recommend pre-ordering as it made things go so much faster.

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Everyone has different taste when it comes to food and atmosphere, so keep that in mind… We were thrilled to get a reservation for BOG for lunch last year, and couldn’t wait, based on reviews. We were all disappointed in the experience. It was dark inside, no real entertainment to speak of, and the service was not great. It reminded us of a fancy cafeteria, with a drink station and all. The food was not particularly hot. (The chandeliers were beautiful.) I guess our expectations were too high!

@poohfanclub with a lunch for 2 adults and 2 kids at $80 your expectations SHOULD be high and the experience SHOULD meet that!!!