Standby Lines at LwtL

Since the FPPs for LwtL have gone from Cat 2 to Cat 1, how have the standby lines been in the AM? Planning on Soarin' at (EMH)RD, and hoping to go straight to LwtL and having little to no wait. Will there be a problem?

Have the same plan, so curious what anyone says.

In June it was ridiculous! 60 minutes and I timed it. I think they will remain long since it's an obvious when doing Soarin.

BUT at RD you're going to be fine.

I think you'll be fine in the morning. If there is a line there it is mid to late afternoon. Evenings seem to be ok too

On Sat, June 28th, We had FPP for LwtL at 10:20 and then Soarin at 11:25. I expected LwtL to have long waits as it did in March and in May but it was a walk on. I changed those FPP's and we walked on. It was about 11am.

Great relaxing ride, but not one I really want to wait long for.

I "enjoy" the ride, but I don't do it every trip. DW will be with me on the next trip, and she really likes it, so it's on my "must do" list...