Standard vs. savannah view at Kadani Village

@len I have a question for you. I have been looking at room views at Kadini Village. I am hoping to be one of the lucky ones to get a partial savannah view with a standard room. I have noticed that almost all of the even numbered rooms on the North Trail are savannah view rooms. Almost all of the odd numbered rooms on the North Trail are standard view. I have noticed a few exceptions, and I am wondering if this is a mistake. Rooms 7636, 7630, and 7628 (2nd floor) are listed as standard view, but they are right on the savannah. Rooms 7637, 7631, and 7629 are listed as savannah view, but it looks like they overlook a parking lot. All of the other 36, 30 and 28 rooms on the other floors are listed as savannah, not standard. And, all of the other 37, 31, and 29 rooms are listed as standard, not savannah. I have never been to AKL, so I just wanted to ask. Thanks so much for your help! I can’t wait to use the tp room request fax service.

Hopefully @len will notice this and chime in, but usually the best way to address questions/problems like this is to e-mail - they generally reply pretty quickly.

I’ll take a look at this. When’s your trip @BamaDisneyGal?

I check in May 27th. Thanks!

Just checking to see if anything was found out about standard and Savannah view rooms. Thanks!

Our staff should be out there next week. I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

Checking back in to see what you found out. Thanks so much for this wonderful service!!

Checking back to see if anything was found out. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay in responding!

Yes, I sent out our photographer to verify the map. We have some corrections. Here’s what my photographer said, and I’ll get this updated on the site shortly. I believe there’s another set of notes, too, which I’ll post shortly:

  1. 7636, 7630 and 7628 are NOT standard views but are Savanna views. They should be corrected in your descriptions. The photos shown for those views are correct however.
  1. 7637 IS a Savanna View (Pembe Savanna) and the photo displayed is correct. 7631 is NOT a Savanna View and needs to be changed. The photo shown is not one of mine and that is not the correct view. 7629 also is NOT a Savanna View but the photo shown is the correct view.

I’ll look for a possible view for 7631 but it would be similiar to the photo for 7629. I was given access to room 7729 and the view for 7629 must be what I took from that location.

Odd number rooms are on the left and even number rooms are on the right heading from the lobby down that “North Trail.” It’s the opposite heading down the “South Trail.” My notes referred to them as "Overlook #1 (North) and "Overlook #2 (South) for some reason I can’t recall.

Also, I have special maps of the room numbers now, if you’d like to see those. Thanks!