Standard view beach club

We are booked at beach club in June. 4 adults. Any recommendations for room requests?

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Have you looked on TP Room Finder to see views?

None of the Std views were very good IMO, so I’d look for convenience. I personally like to be close to an exit door to the Boardwalk. BC is so twisty that I generally prefer to exit and walk outside.

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We stayed in room 3681 during our 2017 trip. you actually get quite a good pool view from the balcony. It was fun watching the rain pour off the rooves during a massive thunderstorm one evening. On TP room finder there are a number of photos - I uploaded a couple from our visit. Was planning on using the same room or the one above (subject to room request success) for our planned stay last September until we were moved, cancelled travel, move trip and flights to May this year, cancelled flights and re-moved trip to September!

In 2017 I uses TP room request to ask for 3681 and got it :grinning:

The two standard rooms with the best views (if that is what you are looking for) are 3680 and 3682

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