Standard Polynesian vs. Water View Beach Club

Thank you., I was hurting my brane trying to decipher it.


I probably should have known better than introducing yet another acronym here. I struggle enough with the Disney ones on occasion…


I am routinely googling Disney acronyms that I don’t know from this board.

You’ve already gotten some responses but I have stayed at both resorts so I have some thoughts!

  • Water view at Beach Club is not a huge factor for me personally. Having a view towards Epcot (Harmonious) would be more comparable to Theme Park View at Poly, but Standard Poly vs. Water BC is not a huge difference, IMO.
  • I absolutely love the ambiance of Poly, the convenience to all sorts of transportation options (helpful if one is down or mobbed by crowds), and proximity to MK. It’s a chill feel.
  • BC is hard to beat if you want access to Epcot and HS. I love the feel of BC - it’s very laid back and relaxed. It’s my style - I feel like I’m home.
  • The pools at both are great and in some ways comparable, though Stormalong has a lazy river and longer slide, which gives it the edge if you have to place one ahead of the other. But most people will have fun at either location.
  • The construction at Poly should be mostly localized to the extreme west side, which hopefully wouldn’t disrupt your stay if you request a room away from that end. But no guarantees.

A final parting thought: have you considered a split stay? 6 days is a little short for a split stay, but just long enough that it could be worthwhile.

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Nuff said.


Yes but that’s not a Standard View.

OP would have a standard view at Poly.

Hands down the Lake View at Poly wins over Beach Club Water View


OK OK you got me.

But still love my Poly.

BC was nice and yes, convenient walking, but… monorails.
In my heart, I will always Please Stand Clear of the Doors.


Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas


Like talking French to Gomez


Beach club is ok. Polynesian is waaaaaay better. Rooms are better. Vibe is awesome and you are looking at MK fireworks from the pool every night (and the electric light boat parade). Food options are better, and can walk to great restaurants at Grand Floridian. Easy boat or monorail access to MK, easy monorail access to Epcot (walk to transportation center so no need to switch monorails). Pool at beach club is nice, but so is the Poly pool, and don’t have to walk outside the secure pool area to get to the water slide which can be an extra concern if letting the kids go by themselves. AND POLY HAS DOLE WHIP! We’ve stayed at both, and you will have a great time regardless, but Poly wins.