Standard Poly Studio Room request

Hi! Sending our daughter and friends to Polynesian for a College Program reunion in Feb. Any guidance on great Standard Studio room #'s? TIA

Check room view out here in TP

This is what @DocHopper is referencing

Any help pls… how do I send a room request from here? Thanks. Link above is not working.

I keep on getting “bad gateway” for all blog posts so let me walk you through:

Set up a trip on your touring plans dashboard. Click on the “request room”.

Set up your room specifications and then “show matching rooms”

The matching map turns red. Click on the red and you will see each room. Click on those blocks to see the views.

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Once you pick your room, return to your dashboard and “configure fax”. You need to add your reservation number and info. I alway thank the room assigners too.

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It worked… thanks for the Pixie Dust!!

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